Papa Pear Saga Help- How to pass level 60

Hello Papa Pear lovers! Today I am going to give some tips to complete level 60 of Papa Pear Saga. This level is quite tricky. The level starts with only 17 Papa Pears, plus on the board, 6 Split Papas. You have 15 papas and 6 split papa pegs to remove 5 covers on the buckets and light up those buckets. Try to use those 2 bouncing blueberrise to get more points.

papa pear saga level 60


The black 2 lines show you where to shoot to get to first and last bucket but to do so, first you have to remove those onions and acorns that are in your way. So by this trick you can easily pass level 60 of Papa Pear Saga. Visit us for more tips and tricks for Papa Pear Saga.