Special Pegs!

Hello Papa Pear lovers! Hope you have a lovely weekend playing Papa Pear Saga. Like other saga games Papa Pear also have special power ups or boosters in game.  These boosters help you to pass difficult levels when your get stuck in the game. Boosters are special pegs that bestow special powers to pears. A pear bouncing off booster pegs gets more powerful and helps you remove common pegs as well as score bonus points.

These are some boosters available in Papa Pear Saga:

Papa Grande Peg:

Papa Grande

Hitting with a Papa Grande peg will make your pear bigger. A big pear has the ability to destroy more pegs than a normal pear can. However, the rate at which it will bounce will be lower than a normal pear.

Papa Fire Peg: 

Papa fire

If you hit this special peg, it turns into a fireball, burning and destroying common pegs quickly. A fiery pear can destroy more fruits and vegetables than a normal pear.

Split Papa Peg:

split papa


Colliding with this special peg will create a copy of your pear. You will have two pears destroying pegs and earning more points for you.

Light up Peg: 

light up


When your pear hits the rainbow-colored Light Up peg, a dull, animated bucket will light up immediately.

Use these boosters and make use most of them to score better. Visit us and get more game tips for Papa Pear Saga.