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Papa Pear Saga another saga game of King. It is different from other saga games of King. It has twist of physics! Papa Pear acts as the game’s ball. You adjust your shot with the game’s mouse, and click to let fly. Papa bounces from peg to peg, all of which are designed to look like different kinds of fruits and nuts. Papa Pear Saga has numerous objectives.

Most of the time, you will be asked to land at least one Papa Pear in each of the five pots lining the bottom of the game board. But there are also instances wherein you’re instructed to knock giant pieces of fruit down into any of the pots. These seemingly basic goals get more complicated as the game goes on, too. In later levels, open pots are blocked off by destructible barriers, and/or lids that must be blasted away before Papa can land in one. It doesn’t take long for you to start worrying about your ball count.



One big problem with this game is there is no in-game booster. You have to buy all boosters with real money. Players may also pay to acquire extra pears if they fail a level, or pay to restore their lives if they run out.

papa pear saga 1

Some basic tricks for Papa Pear Saga are :

In some level of this game  you have to score a number of points and have to light up 6 buckets. Try to complete the first objective.Aim and shoot at a group of pegs to get more points. You don’t need to worry about lighting a bucket as all pears will end up inside any one of the 5 buckets. You can shoot multiple pears (up to 3 pears) into buckets if you want destroy pegs quickly and score more points.When lighting up buckets, clear the corner ones first, then aim at the middle bucket. You can easily shoot pears at buckets beside the middle one.Bouncing pears off objects, fruits and vegetables earns you additional points. This game play concept is very similar to Pinball games you’ve played on your computer. The more bounces, the more points and stars you will earn. Points fill up the star meter located at the top-right corner of the screen.

These were some basic rules for playing Papa Pear Saga. Visit our site to get more tips and updates for Papa Pear Saga.